Joe and Mary Ann McDonald's

Wildlife Photography

October 2005

Question of the Month

How can you save your shoulders?

Just a few minutes ago our Intermediate Photoshop students left for the evening -- tonight's discussion, after a 2 hour Photoshop session, was the aches and pains of growing old. Everyone had stories. For example, this summer Mary had a cervical disk replacement -- neck surgery to repair arthritic bone spurs that were causing her a huge amount of discomfort. I wake up, frequently, with a leaden arm, so 'fallen asleep' that I could beat a bear with my 'dead' arm. Everyone shared their aches and pains -- but beer and wine softened the blows of age.

I mentioned that when I carry a long lens, especially my 600mm f4, over my shoulder and supported by a tripod, I often have a numbing in my arm and hand, and that night my arm generally falls solidly asleep. This is not good. To avoid further nerve injury, whenever we remember, both Mary and I place a 'shoulder pad' beneath our jacket or shirt to create a buffer. A friend made us several, comprised of about a 1.5inch thick layer of foam that is roughly half-moon shaped, and sewn into a camouflaged, foam-fitting shape. One end of the pad has two velcro straps so that we can attach the pad to something secure when we're carrying the pad.

The pad rests on one of our shoulders, stuffed under a jacket or shirt to keep it in place. The camera/tripod/lens rests atop this pad when we're carrying it. Further, our tripod legs are padded. We haven't used the commercially available tripod pads - which are expensive; instead, we've simply used PIPE INSULATION available from a Home Depot or Lowe's, and taped the pads in place.

If you are troubled by a heavy lens and if you're getting a numb arm from carrying it, then try this remedy. If you're not bothered, start using a pad now so that you won't be. I haven't spoken to a neurologist about the long term repercussions of carrying a heavy lens, but ignorance is bliss and our pads are our happy, blissful solution to suffering further trama.


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