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October/November 2004

Question of the Month

What is the best car window mount?


Quite simply, it is the 'Molar,' a uniquely designed bag that, when empty, resembles an artist's rendition of a molar tooth. Filled the bag looks more like a Mastodon's molar than a human molar, but I think you can visual its shape.

The beauty of the molar bag is that the 'roots' hang over each side of a car window frame, resting securely on the sill. The entire bag is filled with beans or bird seed, including the top, which creates a very secure lens mount.


For years I've used L.L.Rue's groofwinpod on our trips to Africa, and I really liked the product. Still do, in fact, but there's certainly differences between using a groofwinpod and a Molar.

The molar bag transports easily, as it can be shipped empty. Our groofwinpods are metal, and heavy, and inconvenient to pack. The groofwinpod is lighter than the Molar when the Molar is filled, but that's not a concern for me when I'm afield.

The groofwinpod allows a tripod head to be screwed onto the pod so that a Wimberley head or a standard ballhead can be used for smooth panning. There are no mounting mechanisms for the Molar.

However, I never used a ballhead on my Africa trips, nor when I carried my groofwinpods afield in the US. It was simply more convenient to lay a beanbag atop the 'pod and to rest a lens on the bag. In fact, I felt it was sturdier and had less chance of vibrations since I was minimizing metal to metal contacts.

Metal 'pods can scratch the paint off a car door -- something my African drivers always complained about, but the nylon Molar won't mar a finish. The 'roots' of the molar securely anchor the bag -- on my test trial trip to the Serengeti the bag stayed in place on every game drive, never bouncing off as can happen with a 'pod.

The Molar provides an extremely stable lens platform, with a long enough and wide enough top to securely anchor a long lens. I maximize the stability of my system by using Wimberley's Module One's so that the lens cannot roll left or right. The Modules make a perfect lens foot that really 'seats' the lens.

While a ballhead or Wimberley tripod head certainly enhances the opportunity for smooth pans when mounted upon a 'pod, I don't use one when I'm shooting from a vehicle. Frankly, I just find it too inconvenient, and I've found that sliding a lens across a beanbag (sometimes by lightly lifting the camera end of the rig) has worked sufficiently well for me to not require the extra trouble. I shoot this way ALL the time without difficulty, so I don't think this is an issue.

Left: A closeup of two Module Ones, showing the correct placement of the modules so that a lens does not roll. On the ground, or on a rooftop, the Molar can be used in this position, with a lens nestled into the V of the roots, or laid across both roots in a perpendicular fashion.

The Molar can also be used on the top of a vehicle (sunhatch or safari open top), although filled, the bag is heavy so you'll be getting some exercise if you plan on moving the bag around. For my Africa trips I'll still be using my well-used nylon beanbags made by Kinesis and Vested Interest for the rooftop, but I'll be replacing the groofwinpods with my new Molar bags.

At home, I'll have a molar bag in my vehicle. I fill my bag with bird seed, which works just as well as beans, but gives me an instant bait should I need to spread some seed out to lure in birds or mammals. On a trip, if filling a beanbag with seed or rice or beans is a problem, one could use some rounded rocks (wrapped in a sock to prevent wear) to anchor the roots of the Molar, and then filling the remaining space with beans or rice or birdseed. Plastic beads would work as well, but personally I prefer to use something organic in case I get a spill -- swept out of my car, the organic fillers will be eaten by somebody.

There have been a few products that we liked well enough to offer to sell directly from our office, and this is certainly one of them. We're selling the Molar -- $39 plus S/H, and if you're interested, please contact our office by phone or email. It is the ultimate window mount.





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