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May 2004

Tip of the Month

A very, very informative website

I must admit, I'm not much of a web surfer, and it was only after my return home from Singapore that I took the time to investigate the Singapore Nature Photo Society's website. Graeme Guy, one of the originators of the NPS, had explained to me that their web site was designed to educate, not just portfolio pretty pictures. The website indeed does that, with lengthy treatments of the natural history of the subjects club members have photographed. In the last two additions Kites and Terns were both treated in depth. Additionally, there are links to other sites, reprints of great articles, and additional portfolios and reviews. Members present rather lengthy trip descriptions for photo destinations outside of Singapore, like to Sri Lanka or Australia, which will give photographers contemplating visiting these locations insight into conditions and arrangements.

Based as we are in the US, I think one might have the mistaken belief that everything is happening here in North America. This site certainly profiles and illuminates what other photographers are doing, and the quality that is exhibited. Perhaps most revealing for me was how exacting and precise and downright great their imagery was, because I've just returned from shooting there and I know, first-hand, how difficult it is to get a great spider or damselfly portrait (This month's Viewer's Gallery), which adds to one's appreciation of the work exhibited. Check it out -- you'll learn a lot!

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