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April 2003

Tip of the Month

The Nature Photographer's Network, NPN

Recently, while doing some research on digital photography I stumbled upon the Nature Photographer's Network,, which had several excellent articles, including many by George Lepp's Photoshop guru, Tim Grey, and some others by Matt Hagadorn -- all of which were excellent, informative, and free to download. Quite a service.

Photographer friends of our's have spoken about NPN on numerous occasions, but because of our travel schedule, and my usual disinterest in surfing the net -- I usually do not have the time. But an unlikely turn of events directed me to the NPN site for help -- which I received, and while at the site I had the opportunity to navigate completely through the site. It was an awesome tour that was, as much as anything else, extremely humbling!

The NPN has forums for discussion and galleries where images by members are posted, commented upon, and critiqued. The images posted are usually as good as anything published in a field guide, and MANY are full-page magazine quality, or covers. It is an awesome, inspiring, motivational, and, as I said, a humbling experience, and absolutely fun, too, to see all the great shots.

There are galleries on birds, man and nature, wildlife, scenics, and more, and forums offering comments and advice on a variety of topics. The forums are very carefully monitored so that they are upbeat and constructive -- so there's none of the nonsense of character assasinations and bad-mouthing that can be seen on some forums (so I've been told!). A membership in NPN is $39, which allows viewers access to the galleries and forums, although articles and other information is free to any surfer. However, the $39 fee is well worth the price -- with one warning:

I think you could get addicted to this site! There are so many good things to see, you'll be tempted to visit the site daily. I could spend a great deal of time describing the site in more detail but instead, hit my link and check it out for yourself. It's definitely worth your time!

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