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August 2003

Tip of the Month

Adobe Photoshop 7 for $299!

If you have Adobe Photoshop Elements you can upgrade, right now, with Adobe for Photoshop 7 for only $299! You probably have Elements already in your office -- it came packaged with my Epson 1280 printer, and it may have come with your digital camera, too. If not, and you're thinking of getting into digital photography and Photoshop, you can still save major dollars. Adobe Elements costs less than $100 (at Sam's Club I believe it was under $80 and with a rebate offered, too!). Assuming you may need to buy Elements outright, you may need to pay $350 or so, in total, for this almost $600 program.

However, there is some confusion here: The offer ends Dec. 31st, midnight, on 2003, and that's stated on the page I bookmarked on my computer. However, when I try typing in the web address for this offer, the page won't display. It might take calling Adobe and demanding to know what's happened, because the offer is/was out there. Here's the address to get you started ....

Good luck!



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