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One Day Photo Seminars

Joe and Mary Ann McDonald's one day nature photography seminars are fun and educational, and a perfect way for your photography or natural history group to raise funds for your organization. The McDonald's seminars are not a simple rehash of Joe's wildlife photography books, or a copy of their popular nature photography courses. The programs are unique, in content, in depth, and in the energy of the program.

If you're interested in booking a seminar for a fund raiser, contact us by e-mail or at Joe McDonald's Wildlife Photography, 73 Loht Road, McClure, PA. 17841.

Check in periodically -- we'll be offering a nationwide city tour of seminars in 2000, check for the city nearest you. And, if you'd like to help us out, here's ...!


We're constantly looking for new sites -- hotels, convention centers, lodges, or nature centers to use as our base for our one-day seminars. If you have a great location that you could recommend, and we use the location, you'll receive a FREE admission and a cash reward for the day's seminar!

A Complete Course Description of these exciting seminars will soon be posted!

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