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We are presently looking for sites to book our regional and nationwide seminar tour for the year 2000. Many of our past workshop, tour, and safari participants have generously offered suggestions on hotel, convention, and nature center locations which could comfortably accommodate 100 photographers for a day long, or a weekend long event.

For their help, if we end up using one of these sites because of their suggestion that person will receive a free admission to the seminar held at that location.

For readers of this Web Site, we're offering the same deal. If you supply us with the name, contact information (phone number, address, contact person if it is known, approximate price for the rental fee, etc.), and city, and we chose that site, we'll give you free admission to that seminar!

We realize that in certain larger cities several people may provide information on the same great site. Because of this, we'll only be able to reward the first person to respond with a free admission. But we will, nevertheless, recognize the help and effort of any others that follow, and we'll provide some type of reward for their help too, be that in a reduced ticket, or a free lunch, or a discount.

If you would like to see us speak in your city, please contact us in any of the following ways:

By regular mail:

McDonald Wildlife Photography, Inc.
73 Loht Road

By e-mail:

Or FAX us at: (717) 543-6423.

A complete description of the course will soon be posted!

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