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The LAPTOP Field Guide

We're extremely pleased to announce that our ebook, co-authored by Joe McDonald, Rick Holt, and Mary Ann McDonald is now available. We're referring to it as "The Laptop Field Guide" because, as a PDF file, you can install the book onto your hard drive and take it with you wherever you take your laptop! Need a reference? It's all there, right on your computer!

Order yours today -- it is truly a nuts-and-bolts, all practical information book, and it is beautifully laid out as well. OK, we love it, and you will too.

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How-to Photography Books

by Joe McDonald

To date I've written five how-to wildlife and nature photography books, with the last three published by Amphoto, New York. These books are available at your local bookstore, from the internet's Amazon book service, or, if you'd like an autographed copy, directly from me.

The Wildlife Photographer's Field Manual (Amherst Media, 1992). A step by step guide to wildlife photography, covering everything from equipment and exposure to the procedures to safely photograph insects, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Sections on setting up studio sets, using game calls, blinds, and what gear to use for each subject is thoroughly covered. $14.95

The Complete Guide to Wildlife Photography (Amphoto, 1992). This full color text covers wildlife photograph in a holistic manner, as I integrate reptile, bird, and mammal photography into extensive treatments on exposure, composition, using flash, and getting close to wildlife subjects. There is a section on preparing for exotic travel photography -- The Galapagos, Kenya, India, and other regions, and there some info on the use of electronic flash, both in studio and in the field. $15.00

Designing Wildlife Photographs (Amphoto, 1994). This book takes off where The Complete Guide leaves off, delving more thoroughly into electronic flash, the use of Dalebeams and Shutterbeams for remote or high speed flash work, and in developing a methodical way to approach and photograph wildlife. The body of the text is devoted to actual shooting situations, where I cover the concerns required for filming reptiles and amphibians, birds, and mammals. In a cookbook-like fashion, I provide the 'ingredients' that made up my examples. These vary according to the subject. For example, filming a bald eagle may be straightforward, once the bird is in front of the camera, but getting to that point is the key. I explain how I solved the various problems a wildlife photographer faces in making images, from lighting to getting close enough to the subject to make an image! OUT OF PRINT, SORRY!

Photographing on Safari (Amphoto, 1996). This is the definitive guide to planning and filming your safari, from pre-trip packing tips to the complete how-to of shooting your subjects. The body of the book is devoted to the shooting strategies required for filming lions, cheetahs, elephants, birds, antelopes, and the myriad other animals one encounters on safari. The book is field guide size, perfect for carrying in a gadget bag on your safari. OUT OF PRINT, SORRY!

The New Complete Guide to Wildlife Photography (Amphoto, 1998). This new edition of 'The Complete Guide ...' has all new images, featuring my finest portfolio to date. The text has been updated where needed, with major revisions in the chapters on cameras, lenses, and flash. Of special interest are the portfolio sections ending each major section where the editorial content is reenforced by a series of great images. $24.95


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