Joe and Mary Ann McDonald's

Wildlife Photography


Natural History Books

for children

by Mary Ann McDonald


Mary Ann's natural history books are published by The Child's World and by Capstone Press. All books are lavishly illustrated by photographs, most being our images or those of photographer friends. The books are targeted to the 8-12 year old, providing factual information on the fascinating natural histories of the subjects.

The books are available directly through us or through Amazon Books or your local bookstore.The titles by Child's World.

Woodpeckers; Leopards; Boas; Flying Squirrels; Sunflowers; Jupiter; Grizzly Bears; Cobras, Foxes, Manatees, Garter Snakes, Toucans, Blue Whales, Chimpanzees, Grasshoppers, and more...

Books published by Capstone Press.

Rattlesnakes; Pythons; Garter Snakes.

Mary's also written a coffee table book on the life of the Amish, targeted for an adult audience. It was publsihed in 1996 by Smithmark Press.

Out of the Past, Amish Tradition and Faith.

The children's books sell for $15.00, and the Amish book for $15.00, which includes shipping and handling.


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