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Reptiles of the World
Photo Shoot 2014

You missed a good one!

Perhaps it was the economy, but this year, for the first time offering what has to be one of the most unique Photo Shoot opportunities offered anywhere, worldwide, we did not have a full house, but we still held both shoots regardless. When I say this is one of the most unique shoots offered, I'm not exaggerating. In the US, I know of only one other offering for herptiles, and that one has a large number of participants (versus our's, limited to six) and the participants all shoot at will, with their own gear. In contrast, we shoot one subject at a time, one shooter at a time, so that that photographer gets the best shot possible, without the worry of contending with another, more aggressive photographer. Our participants use our flashes, that I set up to maximize the lighting, and of course I set up the props so that each subject reflects the natural habitat for the species, and each shot looks different. Even world-wide, I do not know of a similar shoot, especially when one considers the variety of subjects and the fact that we're shooting in an open studio, without glass (except for your lens) separating the photographer from the subject.

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My friend, Dave Northcott, who assists me in this Photo Shoot, and supplies many of the subjects we shoot, had a heart transplant in May, 2014, and for a while we worried that we wouldn't be able to do the shoot. Although Dave couldn't make it, his daughter, Katie, and her boyfriend Tim, drove from Los Angeles, California in 47 hours, transporting many of the subjects we photographed on the shoot.

Dave was still recovering, although behind the scenes he was still working, and during the course of the two weeks of shooting new packages would arrive with new, and very exciting, specimens. Chad Peeling, of Clyde Peeling's Reptiland, an accredited zoo that specializes in displaying reptiles and amphibians, supplied some of the more exotic and dangerous specimens, and Chad generously donated his time to work the King Cobra, Mambas, Gaboon Vipers, and other incredible subjects. Gary Lee, another old friend, supplied the other venomous snakes, rattlesnakes and copperheads, and between the three, we had over 80 different subjects to photograph.

We had two groups, and although both groups photographed all of the 'glamour' species, each shot some that the other did not, because of time, interest, or the subject's availability or appearance. Nonetheless, both groups shot nearly or more than 65 different species.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll let the sample portfolio below to tell the story of this exciting shoot. We will be offering this shoot again next year, and Dave will be healthy and ready to go, and no doubt with a bunch of new species for our groups to photograph!



Turtles: Top, Stinkpot; Eastern Box; Middle, Side-neck Turtle; Alligator Snapping Turtle; Bottom: Same, and Red-eared Slider.


Anurans: Top, Milky Frog; Smooth-sided Toad; Red-eyed Treefrog
Bottom: Marine Toad skin; Bumblebee Dart Frog; White's Treefrog

Lizards: Top, Panther Chameleon (2), Veiled Chameleon
Bottom, Cuban Knight Anole; Leaf-tailed Gecko


Lizards: Top, Asiatic Water Monitor, Jackson's Chameleon
Middle: Fat-tailed Gecko, Gila Monster
Bottom: Australian Water Dragon, Giant Sandfish


Snakes: Top, Green Mamba, African Bush Viper, Rhino Rat Snake
Middle, Wagler's Temple Viper, King Cobra, Speckled Rattlesnake
Bottom, Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, Eastern Milk Snake

Top, Black-tailed Rattlesnake, Prairie Rattlesnake
Bottom, Broad-banded Copperhead, Kenya Sand Boa
Top, Mangrove Snake
Second Row, Green Mamba, West African Green Mamba
Third Row, Woma Python, Asiatic Vine Snake
Bottom, Gaboon Viper

cOne of the highlights was photographing a Red-Spitting Cobra that periodically spat venon at Chad. The rest of us took turns photographing, all of us wearing protective glasses just in case!

Check out my portfolio of many of the subjects we did on a previous shoot.

Check out the posted images of our participants, Joe Messina or
Rich Miller, for more views from this exciting shoot!

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