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Tip of the Month

Trip Insurance

September 2009

We run a lot of tours, and most folks who schedule and book, and pay for, one of our photo tours, safaris, or workshops do in fact go on the trip. Unfortunately, though, perhaps 5% of those planning to do an expensive trip discover that, for some reason or another, they cannot make the trip.

Often these cancellations are last minute events well passed the time that we can obtain a refund from the tour operator we're dealing with, or to fill in the spot from our waiting list. Without insurance, those folks are out what can be a sizeable amount of money.

For that reason we strongly recommend obtaining travel trip insurance. We've been dealing with Access America Travel Insurance for many years and they have been terrific. Whenever one of our participants had a claim, and it was legitamit (and all have been, to date!) AATI has honored the claim. We have included thier travel insurance information brochure with all of our travel packets for years, and we urge people to take the insurance. It's not expensive, and it is a great way to 'insure' that your travel investment isn't wasted.

Even if you don't travel with us but instead travel indepentently or with another operator, we still urge you to get travel insurance. Click on the logo below for further information, for your peace of mind!


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