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Hoodman CH32 Compact HoodLoupe

I've always been a fan of the Hoodman Loupes for checking histograms or compositions, but I must admit that I sometimes found the shape just a bit cumbersome when not in use. The newest Hoodman Loupe, the CH32 Compact, addresses this, in that this loupe collapses upon itself to become about 1/3rd smaller, making it easier to pack into a camera backpack or for just hanging around your neck.
I like to carry the Loupe in its carrying case, with the carrying strap sticking out one corner so that I can keep the loupe protected when not in use. Of course, if I'm using it constantly I'll simply pack the case in my pack, or pocket. Another nice addition is the quick release lanyard which allows you to remove the strap if it is in the way or otherwise not needed. I haven't had much call to do so, but it is a nice option should that be necessary.

The above images are screen shots from the Hoodman website. Normally I'll shoot my own product shots but due to time constraints, I didn't this time. If you don't own a Hoodman Loupe, this is the one to get, and I'd consider upgrading if you already have one, especially if you do video as this loupe has a 1/4 20 female mount that may accommodate your D SLR video rig.

Allen's Camera is an authorized dealer, or you can order direct from Hoodman.

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