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Tip of the Month

The Guide to Tropical Nature Photography
by Greg Basco and Glen Bartley

February 2013


3In January Mary and I conducted our second Photo Tour to Costa Rica and, as usual, it was a real success (see the group's portfolio). Our in-country guide and tour operator, Greg Basco, showed me the PDF book he had just co-authored with Glen Bartley. I quickly scanned the book and decided, quickly, that I must have a copy. And so must you, if you have an interest in photographing in the tropics, understanding electronic flash, or needing a great refresher on many different aspects of nature photography.

The book is well laid-out and attractive, with truly beautiful and, for potential visitors here wishig to photography, very inspirational. Stunning photos illustrate the text, driving the text's points home, while at the end of each chapter there is a portfolio of images that further complement the points made in the preceeding text. Greg's son, Christopher, did the graphics, which are simple but direct, clarifying points in an easy to understand illustration.

I enjoy the challenges of electronic flash and I use flash often, but Greg may be an even heavier user than I am, and that's saying a lot! However in the tropics, in often contrasty or very dark conditions, flash can make all the difference in making a good image and this Guide stresses that. There is a great chapter on flash that's easy to read and understandable, with excellent comparison images showing flash and no flash, and flash at varying exposure compensations.


Here's an easy to understand description and illustration of how a shutter works with flash, and how high speed flash works and why a fast shutter may cause problems.

An example of flash, fill-flash, and full flash.

While this illustration deals with automatic exposure compensation, the book covers manual exposure as well, and this illustration is applicable to that method as well. Simple illustration, but very effective!


There is a great chapter on optimizing images, with links to how-to videos for understanding concepts even further.


The book is over 400 pages in length and can be ordered via their website where there are also interesting links for further information about the authors, videos, sponsors and more. Buy it, the book is definitely worth it!

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