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WakaWaka Light Source
Glen Bartley's Video Simplified ebook

RRS Video Fluid Head

Take our Digital Nature Photo Course FIRST!

Using Extension Tubes with a Zoom Lens
Photographing Lightning
Easy Macro with Extension Tubes and Zoom Lenses
Using High ISO and Live View for Focusing in Dim Light
Use a Short Lens for Depth of Field
The Movie Mode with the Canon Mark IV
Converting Color to B&W
NIK HDR Program
Get Professional Help!
Batch Renaming in Bridge and CS5
Don't lose your CF card


MindShift 30L Photo Backpack
LensCoat LensHide

Range IR Camera Remote
Canon 17mm T/S Lens
FotoSharp Camou Rain Covers
How and What We Pack for Trips
Do a Gear Check before you Leave
Bataflae Photo Backpack
Bogen Base for Macro Work
Hoodman Products
Mini-Molar Bag
Essential Gear for Safaris
LensCoat Lens Hide
High Speed Shutter
Locking Button for the Canon 7D
Alternate Uses of some Bogen Products
Silver Efex Pro for Black and White Images

Gitzo Monopod 5561

Books and Information Resources

The Guide to Tropical Nature Photography
Nature Photography Magazine

Canon Digital Learning Center


Art Print Scams for Hungry Photographers
Hungry Vultures ruin vehicles in the Everglades

Beware the DELL Software Solution Rip Off
GPS and Home Security

Past Tips - Prior to 2009

Access America Trip Insurance

Archived Tips of the Month
prior to July 2009
Most of my original Tips of the Month for the last several
years are available through this link. Warning - some of the links are broken, so some are not available at this time. Also, the 'look' is from my
original web site, although if I ever have enough time I might redo these pages to match the new web site But that's not a high priority.

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