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April 2014
Nature Photographer Magazine

This tip might seem biased, but it is not. As they say, in the spirit of full disclosure, I am a columnist for Nature Photographer Magazine, listed on the masthead as a contributing editor, as is Mary Ann.

I started writing a regular feature about six issues ago, and what I love about the magazine is the freedom I have, as do the other writers, to write about what interests them and to convey whatever data, how-to technique, emotion, or tip in an unrestricted format. I've written for other magazines, and the frustration there was the word limit, which in many cases simply allowed me to introduce or gloss over a subject. That's not the case here, and I love the opportunity to explore at depth the subjects I write about.

The magazine also features in-depth, very informative articles by some of the real leaders in the nature photography field, including folks I personally know -- Arthur Morris, John and Barbara Gerlach, Weldon Lee, Joe Lange, and Piper Mackay. There are about a dozen others listed as Associate, Contributing, or Assistant Editors, who regularly write for the magazine as well, and a whole host of contributors.

Unlike what is probably the US's highest circulation magazine with an emphasis on the outdoors as a whole, thus including outdoor sports as well as nature and wildlife, Nature Photographer, as the name implies, is devoted to this subject exclusively. But that's not why I love it.

That reason is because most of the articles have real, genuine content. Many of the articles are written by amateurs, and on occasion the text is a bit wooden or stiff for my taste, but overlooking that, what is contained within those texts is what is important. The writers, whether proficient word smiths or rank amateurs, have a genuine desire to share their information, which might be a technique or a place to visit.

For example, in the latest issue there were articles on Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in southern California, Redwoods National Park in California, Mount Evans in Colorado, and one I wrote on the Falkland Islands. All contained valuable information in planning a trip, including tips on trails, hot lines, subjects, and more.

One of the most humbling aspects of the magazine to me is the monthly Showcase of Images by the various Field Contributors. Each month there are several really spectacular images, shots that perhaps no one would ever see unless they did some very diligent web surfing, and there's nothing like holding a magazine and enjoying an image rather than looking at a computer screen.

The magazine is sold on many newsstands and book stores, and a web site where you can either subscribe to the magazine or purchase PDF downloadable versions. Check it out -- I think you'll love the magazine.

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