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Tip of the Month

The Effects Tab (fx) in the RAW Converter

I have to credit Joe O'Connell who was on our Tigers and the Wildlife of India Photo Safari for this great tip. Frankly, I've never used the fx tab before but Joe suggested I try it, and the image above provided the perfect application.

We had a mating pair of Tigers lying in an open clearing of a fire break, but where my lens was pointed almost directly into the sun. The resulting image was quite hazy, perhaps helped along by a thin layer of dust that often settled on the front element. Here's the original image.


Here's the image after using the Effects Tab.


The Effects Tab is found in both Photoshop, in the ACR (Adobe Raw Converter), which I always access through Bridge, and also in Lightroom. In ACR the effects tab is found on the Basic panel.


Click on the fx tab, and slide the Dehaze Amount slider to the right. As usual, the slider's icon gives a hint as to the effect -- to the right the contrast increases, to the left it decreases.

Here's one more example, where I not only used the Dehaze Effect but also the Graduated Filter to increase contrast and darkness in the forest.



I teach this technique (now!) along with all the essential tools you need to know in the RAW Converter, and the few essentials (Layers and Masks) everyone should know in Photoshop in our Digital Complete Nature Photo Course that we offer every summer.



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