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Tip of the Month
September 2017


Tip of the Month

September 2017

Video Simplified

In my last Tip of the Month I wrote about the RRS Video Head. This month, I'd like to introduce you to a wonderful, concise ebook guide on Videography by Glenn Bartley, one of the world's best bird photographers. You may be familiar with Glenn's work with South American birds -- incredible images.

At any rate, his ebook covers the basics of doing video, simplifying the process just as the title says. One of the things I really like about the ebook are the hotlinks to short videos he has posted that further illustrate and clarify points made in the text.

Glen has truly great tips on editing, on naming clips, and, something I really loved, his listing and illustrating of equipment you should have. Glen also has highlighted boxes covering 'Expert Tips,' Chapter Goals, and even Homework Assignments.

I don't want to reveal Glen's important information, but these screen shots will give you an idea of the book's layout.


Here's a sample page showing the hot links for watching the short videos. Just click on the play button and you're there.


The entire text is only 38 pages, so the text, in theory, is a quick read. However, there are a lot of videos -- so you can spend far more time watching how things are done than you spent reading -- so the ebook is a very nice combination of media.

Sprinkled throughout the book are Glen's tropical bird photographs. The images are inspirational -- perhaps generating some ideas about shooting video, perhaps just making you drool to shoot those types of stills.

Click on the link to order Glen's book on Video Simplified, and his wonderful ebook on Flash Simplified.

A final note - I've spent the last few months shooting with the RRS Fluid Video Head and I really, really love it. Check out the entire Tip.


For more information on this fluid head check out:


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