Joe and Mary Ann McDonald's

Wildlife Photography

Participants' Portfolios
KENYA Photo Safaris
October-December, 2007

A modest sampling of the hundreds of images from
this year's three photo safaris ...

African elephant at sunrise

This year, we brought a digital projector
with us, and at the conclusion of each of our three safaris most of the photographers on the safari contributed up to about 30 images for a great, concluding slide show. In addition to enjoying the work on our final evening, participants also received a pdf file of the show. The following are just some of the wonderful images, but these represent both the diversity and the quality of the shooting.

I haven't credited each photograph for two reasons - one, many of the images that were contributed for our group slide show were not tagged with the photographer's name, and two, we didn't want that slide show, or this portfolio gallery, to be a contest where some work might shine and others not -- in this way, if you like a shot you can claim it's your's (at least to your friends and family!). So enjoy the Portfolio -- the names of the photographers are listed at the bottom of this page. Thanks to all of you that contributed -- it is a wonderful portfolio!

Purple grenadier, dwarf mongoose, endangered Grevy's zebra

Water dikkop or thickknee, black and white casque hornbill

White-crowned shrike mobbing tawny eagle, lilac-breasted roller mobbing tawny eagle

Common zebra baby, hippo mother and baby, one of our several gnu river crossings

Young cheetah chasing a dove, African leopard in a rain storm, cheetah drinking

African elephants play fighting

Common zebras from a balloon, large orb-web spider, baby vervet monkey

Common zebras migrating, common zebras fighting

The Photographers:

Amanda Book, Ann Morris, Barbara Kraft, Bob McRae, Bobbie Stacy, Carolyn Hooper, Clinton Kaufman, Dan Akers, Dave Sholenberger, David Irey,
Dennis Donohue, Donna Carr, Donn Dobkin, Elizabeth Lodwick, Frank Moore, Janet Haffley, Jerry Stanzell, Joan Goldstein, Joe Hooper,
Krista Hanni, Laurie Golden, Marjorie Balazs, Meera Bansal, Nancy Mackenzie, Owen Macy, Patsy Yaeger, Penny Carrington, Phillip Haffley, Phillip Kwan,
Pradeep Mansal, Rich Miller, Richard Kumnick, Richard Morris, Robert Buchanan, Ron Mackenzie, Scott Davis, Sheldon Goldstein, Steve Lodwick,
Susan Moore, Tom Wester, Vinny Berdar, Wojciech Bedkowski



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