Joe and Mary Ann McDonald's

Wildlife Photography

Participants' Portfolios
KENYA Photo Safaris
November-December, 2006

At the conclusion of each safari,
we ask our participants to contribute 5 or more images that they'd like to share with the group. Unfortunately, not everyone can contribute because of their digital workflow and/or their digital backup, but the images displayed here reflect just some of the wonderful subjects we filmed during 5 weeks of Kenya Photo Safaris.
I haven't credited each photograph for two reasons - one, many of the images that were contributed for our group slide show were not tagged with the photographer's name, and two, we didn't want that slide show, or this portfolio gallery, to be a contest where some work might shine and others not -- in this way, if you like a shot you can claim it's your's (at least to your friends and family!). So enjoy the Portfolio -- the names of the photographers are listed at the bottom of this page. Thanks to all of you that contributed -- it is a wonderful portfolio!

The Photographers:
John and Libby Adams, Joe Austin, Ken Benson, Steve Berkowitz, Stephen Boyd, Dick and Judy Davidson, Ellen Goff, Grame Guy, Norm Hartman, Joe and Carolyn Hooper, John and Susan Lopinot, Tim Mateer, Jerry Pieroni, Bill and Sarah Plunkett, Ellie Shaw, Margaret and Wayne Shoemake, and Grover and Suzie Wrenn.



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