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Our latest books - Polar Bears, Big Cats, Penguins, and Gorillas are available either from us or from Amazon.


The Olympus OM D E-Mark III and M1X Menu -What I use and Why
The Guide for Wildlife and Nature Photographers

Understanding High Speed Flash and Trigger Devices, Birds of the Pantanal, and 25 Key Essential Steps to Making a Great Video with Adobe Premierre CC are ebook available from eJunkie.

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Creatures of the Nightb

It has been several years since Mary or I have written a book but recently we were contacted by a publisher to do so, and Creatures of the Night is the result. The book describes and illustrates a variety of nocturnal creatures, from mammals to insects, with descriptive captions. Small chapters on the various categories -- mammals, birds, reptiles, etc. and a small chapter on photographing nocturnal creatures are included.
US $ 29.99


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If you choose to purchase this hardback book form us, you will also recive the companioin cd:
Understanding High Speed Flash and
Camera/Flash Triggering Devices
Featuring the Secrets Behind "Creatures of the Night"
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World's Deadliest Creatures
by Joe McDonald
Photos by Joe & Mary Ann McDonald

The natural world can be deadly, with animals as diverse as elephants and orcas or ticks and taipans having the potential to make any encounter a lethal one. This book explores the world’s most deadly creatures, covering every major animal group both on the land and in the sea, and the unique adaptations these animals have that make these creatures dangerous to man.

Available from Amazon

Camouflaged Wildlife

by Joe McDonald
Photos by Joe & Mary Ann McDonald

Camouflaged Wildlife is one of the most wide-ranging and comprehensive books ever published on the subject. Some of the images have to be seen to be believed in terms of the subjects’ remarkable imitations of their natural backgrounds, including shape, colour and pattern, which often aid them in their roles as hunting predator or prey attempting to avoid capture. Subjects include colour-changing chameleons and fish, birds which look like tree-branches, eggs which blend with their background, butterflies which perfectly imitate leaves, crab spiders which mimic the bright petals of their chosen bloom and Snow Leopards which merge seamlessly with the scree slopes on which they stalk their prey.

Available from Amazon

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