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Trips for the Near Future!

Updated: September 13, 2017

These trips include:

The Great Migration : Tanzania Photo Safari

February 15-26, 2018
This trip goes in reverse of the one listed above, starting in the Crater and working back toward the central part of the park at Seronera. The tour has 9.5 days in the field with 5 nights at the Woodlands Tented Camp in Ndutu. Tour based out of Arusha.
Two Spaces Open


India's Wildife: Tiger, Bears and more
March 15-26, 2018

Join us as we visit three of the top wildlife parks in Madhya Pradesh: Bandhavgarh, Kanha, and Pench. We've chosen each park for its uniqueness and its wildlife specialty. Tigers and Sloth Bears in Kanha; tigers, wild dogs, leopards and deer in Pench; Tigers in Bandhavgarh, and so much more. Tour based out of Delhi.

Ecuador Hummingbirds

April 10-19, 2018

We visit some of the best locations for hummingbirds, as well as other birds such as the Cock-of-the Rock. We provide five hi-speed flash sets so all you have to do is to rotate between the different feeders. We have an excellent bird guide with us who will help to identify the different hummers, as well as other songbirds. Plus, we visit a location in search of the rare, and beautiful, spectacled bear. Trip is from Quito, Ecuador.


Hummingbird & Wildlife
during the August Monsoons
High Speed Flash Photography
Photo Tour and Workshop

Includes both Hummingbirds and Nocturnal Wildlife!

#1 August 3-7, 2018
#2 August 8-12, 2018

At the beginning of August there should be plenty of hummingbird activity as females and young from farther north begin their migration through the southern mountain ranges of Arizona. Some of the Mexican species come north at this time to the same canyons. The summer resident songbirds will still be in the canyons and nectar-feeding bats will be feeding off of the many hummingbird feeders at the lodge.We will be setting up our normal five hi-speed flash sets to capture the many hummingbirds in flight. We'll have different feeding sites for songbirds and a water set for mammals to visit at night. We'll place our own sugar-filled tube feeders in prime locations to hopefully capture the bats as they come to the feeders. We'll look for different insect, reptile and amphibian species that venture out during the monsoons. And we will attempt to safely photograph some of the dramatic storm scenes that occur at this time of the year.


Svalbard 2019
June, 7 Day and Ten Day Trips

One of our favorite destinations in all the world is Svalbard where we photograph Polar Bears, Walruses, Seals, and a variety of birds, as well as some spectacular landscapes that still holds winter ice and snow.

Sadly, this environment is perhaps one of the MOST CRUCIALLY ENDANGERED on the entire planet, as Climate Change is severely effecting the Arctic. I would urge everyone to make this trip NOW, as the photography and the wildlife opportunities are still excellent, but I do truly fear for its future.

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