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One Day and Weekend Long
Photography Seminars

in singapore
Joe and Mary with one of the organizers
of a weekend photo seminar we did in Singapore

Our Photography Seminars are filled with information. We are most interested in presenting solid information and educating our audiences, and not in simply providing a pretty slide show to stroke our egos.

Our programs do, of course, showcase our award winning photographs, but these images are used to illustrate our concepts and to make the photographic points we are discussing.

Our standard seminar covers most of the topics we discuss in our Digital Complete Nature Photography Course, which covers understanding spot metering and manual exposure, composition, using TTL flash effectively, the correct use and application of lenses, and basic digital workflow.

Topics can be tailored to meet a specific group or audience's needs, including a more detailed treatment of electronic flash or remote camera tripping devices, working with wildlife, applying Photoshop techniques to maximize the digital potential of images, and digital workflow.

These programs are a great way for a sponsoring organization to generate club or association revenues at the gate. Our schedule is flexible, and we feel that when we are booked for a date our time is your's, so we're open for a very event-filled schedule.

Weekend seminars often involve a free public program on a wildlife photography or natural history topic that may generate last minute registrations for the Saturday and Sunday programs. Most seminars are lecture only, but occasionally, if weather and season permits, a group may wish to do a morning field session on Sunday for an extra charge.

Saturday evenings can be used for a group program or critique, or simply for an informal get together at a dinner.

We're very proud of our work ethic and we enjoy teaching and sharing our craft. Our presentations are lively and informative, and, as professional photographers and instructors for over twenty-five years, we know what we're doing and have a great idea of the stumbling blocks students of the craft may have.

Contact our office for available dates
call us for further information and details.


Phone: 717 543-6423

FAX: 717 543-5342