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Natural History Programs

Geladapallid bat
hummer albatross

Audubon clubs, zoological societies, natural history groups, we have spoken to many on a variety of wildilfe and natural history groups based on our field experience and knowledge, and complemented by our award-winning natural history photography.


geladapied kingfisher

Twenty Years of Africa

Our latest program, 20 Years of Africa, covers some of the most exciting and interesting encounters we have had throughout Africa as we conducted our photographic safaris. We cover the wildlife, birds, and some of the people in various locations in Kenya, Tanzania, southern Africa, Rwanda, Madagascar, and Ethiopia.


Celebrating Biodiversity

An exciting and entertaining survey of the world's wildlife, covering some of the absolute top ecotourism locations around the world. The lemurs of Madagascar, the polar bears of Churchill, Manitoba, the mountain gorillas of Rwanda, ... komodo dragons, Antarctic penguins, North American parks like Yellowstone and Denali, and various locales in Africa are highlighted, with a special emphasis upon the importance of ecotourism for conserving the world's threatened lands.

fox pup

Journey Through the Seasons

The wildlife of the mid-Atlantic states as seen through the course of a year. An especially relevant program for middle shool students, from 5th grade through 8th, and perfect during Earth Week or special environmental days.


African Wildlife

The diversity of wildife in Africa is without parallel, and this program introduces a wide variety of African animals. The program reveals the many ways animals have adapted to their environment, in feeding, escaping from enemies, and moving about. Ecology, conservation, and natural history observations are all discussed. Especially relevant for grades 4 and up.



Beyond Your Doorstep

The wildlife that is found right outside your door, in your backgrounds and local streams and woodlands. A perfect program to illustrate the diversity of wildlife, and the wonderful viewing opportunities they provide, very close to home. Perfect for all ages, but especially relevant for grades 4 and up. This has been a very popular program for natural history presentations at State Parks, county parks, sportsmens groups, and others in the Northeast through mid-Atlantic states - to as far west as Illinois south through Kentucky.

mt lion

Wild Mammals of North America

This is one of the most popular natural history programs for elementary grades, as the students can identify with, and recognize, many familiar species. Besides portfolioing a wide variety of North American mammals, students will be introduced to the idea of scientific nomenclature, the concepts of adaptation and speciation, and ecological relationships.