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Creatures of the Night
by Joe and Mary Ann McDonald


bWe have copies of our latest book, Creatures of the Night, available for purchase now. The book covers Nocturnal Wildlife, including chapters on Predators, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians, and Invertebrates. The text is composed of essays covering the subjects of each topic, as well as a final chapter on photographing at night. The body of the book is visual -- a very nice layout of the photos, with short captions. For the captions, I tried to reveal interesting natural history facts on the animals depicted.

We are selling the book from our office, and we now have an available companion CD that will detail the techniques used for making the photos - Secrets to Creatures of the Night - Understanding High Speed Flash and Camera/Flash Triggering Systems.

The book can be ordered from us for $29.99.
Please call the office to complete your order at 717-543-6423.
(Shipping outside of the contiguous US may include a charge for postage)

We will also include the companion CD .
Call the office at 717-543-6423 to place an order.

New Holland Publishers



Some sample images from the book:


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