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Ala Carte Shoots at Hoot Hollow!

Tired of being at home? Of not photographing?
Want to get some great shots?


We have the perfect solution!

Here at our home in Hoot Hollow we're offering a variety of shoots, all shot on our property. You'll have the opportunity to photograph wild Raccoons at our incredible water set; Ruby-throated Hummingbirds at our high-speed flash set-up; Songbirds and Woodpeckers at our natural light stations; and even venomous snakes (if you wish!) in a natural-looking studio setting, as well as our Eastern Chipmunks, Gray Squirrels, flowers, insects, and landscapes.

Raccoon sessions are after dark, and right now, Raccoons are arriving around 9PM. Shoots last about 1.5 hours, although the time varies depending upon activity. I set up the electronic flashes for wonderful lighting, and you trigger the flashes with a hotshoe flash. We have flashes for this if you do not.

Hummingbirds are visiting our feeders in numbers right now, but they will be migrating soon and this option won't be available past mid- or late September. We won't schedule a Hummer shoot if they're not available. You'll be using my five flash system. For reasons I'll explain during the shoot, we don't use flowers on the set, but I'll supply images to be added later.


For those interested in snakes, we have three species we'll be working with, shot in an indoor studio situation. The settings are authentic, and look as natural as the real thing. You'll be using my flashes for extremely effective lighting.

Our Eastern Chipmunks can be a lot of fun, and challenging, too, if you're after action shots. As I write this, I'm working on conditioning Eastern Gray Squirrels for some exciting action shots too!


I am in the process of conditioning Southern Flying Squirrels to glide into our set. With my equipment and flashes, and my instruction, you will be able to get images like this. Stay tuned ... or contact us for notification when we have lift-off!

Our songbirds and woodpeckers are always available, as are our garden plants and macro subjects, in your free time -- if you have any. There is no charge for these subjects. This summer we had over 20 species visiting, and as fall returns we'll have our winter migrants back, in addition to our permanent residents.


We're offering a full day afield, too, for shooting either the forest and mountains that surround us or the Pennsylvania farm country, or a bit of both. The farm country is Amish, but we do not photograph the people - just the landscapes.

If you're interested in private instruction in Photoshop or the RAW converter, or video editting, we're also offering full-day sessions in our lab.

Each shoot is separately priced but at very affordable rates, and, most importantly, you'll get great shots and have a lot of fun.

Many photographers opt for the whole package, but you can do Raccoons and Hummingbirds, Raccoons and a full day afield, or whatever! All you need is your camera and lenses -- we supply the electronic flash and set up the lighting for fantastic shots of Raccoons and Hummers, and snakes. Please contact our office at info@hoothollow.com for prices and availability.

For a great over-view of the entire experience, check out Phill Witt's portfolio
from his recent shoot here at Hoot Hollow at

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