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McDonald DIGITAL Institute

The Advanced Complete Digital Nature Photo Course

The Flash Course


I want to take this opportunity to thank you immensely for the opportunity to participate in Hoothollow's Advanced Flash Course. I found your presentation and coverage of TTL, manual and high speed flash in general to be professional, thoroughly covered and very well supported by supplementary course notes.  Your method of presenting theory and the requirement to conduct hands on practical assignments provides a wonderful opportunity for learning flash photography. No doubt, flash photography opens up a world of new photographic opportunities for me and it has been a revelation to have attended this course.
Angus Fraser, Australia

The Advanced Digital course definitely armed me with new tools to take my photography to the next level. From TTL and manual flash to fill flash to macro, most of us in the class had "dabbled" with these techniques but never formally learned or practiced them. The class instruction, field assignments and group review sessions really drove home how to use these tools and improve composition. We all learned so much from Joe, MaryAnn and the great interaction with other photographers for a week.
Randy Gebhardt, Ohio

The advanced flash course was great and helped me a lot. It really brought together the interaction between conventional ambient light photography and flash photography. I was really comfortable with each used alone but this course taught me to look for the interplay between them and taught me how to control both to get great images in all those situations that were troublesome before. Thank you for once again expanding my knowledge and horizons in the vast world of photography.
Chuck Rohn, Maine.

"Most of us know the basics of photography but this course really provides the detail to take your ability to the next level. If you ...fumble with frightening flash ....then you'll love this course,  Joe provides the no nonsense approach to TTL and Manual flash so you understand what you are doing and why. I just adored the high speed flash sections and the hands on set-up to take cool photos of birds in flight and animals at night. This is the course I always wanted"

Pete Hudson, State College, PA. 


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You will learn:

TTL flash - inside and out
Manual Flash - the importance of GN, inverse-square,
its application in the field, high-speed techniques
Using Remotes - to capture action and for unmanned shooting
Effectively using Extension Tubes and their application
Stacking Photos for Macro depth-of-field
Creating Incredible Eye Highlights
and much, much more!

Imaging making images like this while you sleep! Master Flash, and using camera
remotes and you can!

Flash opens up the world, allowing you to capture
images obtainable no other way.




RACCOONbarn swallow
flying squirrel raccoon








blue jay