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Visual Echoes Panning Plate

Walt Anderson, the producer of the Visual Echoes Better Beamer or Tele-Flash system (which we sell) is now offering a new product perfect for ground-level work and, especially, for shooting from a vehicle. Called the Panning Plate, it is a 4x8 black anodized plate with an Arca-Swiss-style quick release clamp for use with dove-tail style plates. If mounted on the ground, your lens tripod foot would be elevated a mere 1.5 inches or so, giving a real ground level view. On a beanbag, where you'd be able to tilt upwards or downwards more easily, your perspective will be elevated somewhat, but still quite low.

The plate shines for beanbag use in a vehicle, however. Out of a car window or from the roof of a safari vehicle, the panning plate will allow you to follow a moving subject smoothly, without the jinks, starts, and stops that plague someone typically panning while beanbag mounted. Further, I suspect the plate will be ideal for use with a video camera -- giving your pans fluidhead-like smoothness.

At this time we're not selling Walt's plate but we're passing all our contacts directly on to Walt. He can be reached at Visual Echoes, at or 847-438-3587. The plate lists for $199.

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