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Digital Complete Nature Photography Courses
in Arizona: April 2009
in Pennsylvania: May to August 2009

Questions about
... exposure?
... flash?
... making the best shots
... the equipment you have?
Would you like to
... become a better photographer?
... learn Photoshop?
... master the necessary
components for the new Digital Age?

Our Digital Complete Nature Photo Courses have the answers.

Each year, Mary Ann and I offer several week long courses where there is a dual emphasis upon instruction and learning while making outstanding images. Our group size is small, never more than 12 participants. All courses are taught by Mary or Joe, with Mary usually assisting Joe in the field, and Joe handling most of the classroom instruction.

Our courses are usually based out of our studio building, the Hoot Hollow Institute of Photography, designed for group instruction and for studio work. The Institute and our shooting locales are in beautiful Central Pennsylvania, a land of rolling hills, mountains, farmland, fields, lakes, and streams. It's a gorgeous area, a 'target rich' environment where you'll not only learn photography, you'll also make great photographs! Meals, lodging, and some transportation is included on all courses.

The ADVANCED Digital Complete Nature Photo Course


For experienced shooters and especially for graduates of our Digital CNPC, this course will delve further into flash - both TTL and Manual Modes, and will involve much more field shooting, with critiques, instruction, and assignments. We'll also be dealing with digital management issues and in several ways to maximize the digital potential of your images.

On the Advanced course, we concentrate upon flash photography. You'll learn about Infrared trippers for remote or fast-action events like the PhotoTrap and the Shutterbeam, high speed flash photography, and manual mode setups for fool-proof exposures. This is a 'hands-on' course designed to improve the quality of your photography, especially with electronic flash. We'll cover everything you need to know for flash, with manual units (for infield use and for studio) and with automatic TTL flashes. We'll also cover fine tuning exposure and macro photography as it applies to this work, and doing setups both in the field and in studio.

Advanced Nature - The Flash Course



Digital - Mastering Photoshop CS3


Introducing Photoshop for the Nature Photographer -

Unleashing the Power of Photoshop -An intermediate Level Course
Applied Photoshop for the Photographer -
Offered in 2007

Photoshop CS2 Refresher Course and Applied Photography

Arizona's The DIGITAL Complete Nature Photo Course

The DIGITAL Complete Nature Photo Course


The DIGITAL Complete Nature Photo Course

Combining improving your photography with the integration of digital, this course offers complete photographic and digital workflow instruction. You'll learn exposure, composition, lens selection both in the field and via lectures, and you'll learn how to import images, manage files, EDIT, and RAW convert. If you're interested in digital photography this is the course!
PRICE: $1,595
includes all food and lodging.

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Introducing Photoshop CS3 for the Nature Photographer -

Read the complete Brochure

Adobe Photoshop is an incredibly powerful and complex program, but one with far more features than the average nature or 'normal' photographer needs to know. This course will deal with the essential tools and protocol for Photoshop, covering everything you need to know not only to get started with Photoshop but to master the basics and the essentials necessary for working with digital files, sizing images, making prints, and more.
PRICE: $1,595
includes all food and lodging


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