Joe and Mary Ann McDonald's

Wildlife Photography

Our Participants Portfolio

A Selection of the BEST Images
Produced by the Photographers on our
KENYA Photo Safaris
October-December, 2008

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On the final day of each of our Kenya Safaris I collect 30-40 images
of each of our participants. Over the next very busy hours I organize
this collection of images into a slide show that reviews and showcases
the work, the adventures, and the imagery we experienced on that trip.

Afterwards, when we return home, each participant receives a DVD of the entire image collection from that safari, to enjoy
and to share with family and friends. As we do this, I sort the images into groups based on topic - all the elephants are together,
the images from Samburu are grouped together, the birds are together per park, etc., so the show is a review of the trip, not
a showcase of each person's work, which could be a source of pride or perhaps of discomfort.

Accordingly, the images are not credited, and as I post this wonderful portfolio, much as I'd love to credit each photographer
whose work is shown, I don't have that data. On the plus side, participants from any of these trips can certainly 'claim' to
family and friends that the image they enjoy the most was the one they shot! And perhaps they did!

Finally, seeing these images certainly points out how non-professional photographers can do outstanding work on one of these
safaris, and may serve as motivation for other photographers out there.

Superb starling; African Elephant and rainbow; Elephant trunk

African ground squirrel grooming, Elephants play-fighting in Samburu

An extremely rare Caracal, that also was extraordinarily tame; Vulturine Guineafowl

Golden pipet - the butterfly bird, its flashing wings seeming glowing; a tree-climbing lion in Nakuru

Martial Eagle with a fresh dik-dik kill; Yellow-necked Spurfowl cackling; Little bee-eater with a bee

Lilac-breasted Roller; Crowned Cranes; Rosy Patched Bush Shrike

White-throated bee-eater; young gnu galloping; Vitelline Masked Weaver

The start of a river crossing; the Great Migration, courting Red-billed Hornbills

Little bee-eater returning to its nest; an Elephant herd in a violent rainstorm; infra-red Samburu scene - neat, Judy!

Bounding baby Thompson's Gazelle; Mary at one of our private bush dinners in Samburu; Impala and Red-billed Oxpecker

Grevy's Zebra in the rain; a curious Cheetah cub on a tire; Lesser Flamingos

A Lesser Flamingo landing; a Common Zebra waiting for a plane; an unlucky Common Zebra the instant before it was snatched by a Crocodile

Cheetah cub running (left and right, duh), Masai Giraffe inspecting an Egyptian Goose

Leopard and cub on a termite mound; Ground Hornbill with grasshopper; flying Roller

Martial Eagle; Tawny Eagle in a dive; Masai Giraffe from a hot air balloon

Lion pride drinking; Lions mating; male Lions playing

|Serval in mid-leap; Cheetah mother grooming cub

Cheetah about to tackle a Thompson's Gazelle; Cheetah cubs playing

Jackal pup soliciting food; Serval carrying an African Hare; Spotted Hyena and pup at den

African Buffalo; angry Hippopotamus; leaping Impala

African Elephants from a hot air balloon; Joshua teaching the 'crane dance' to his harem of chicks

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