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When I was in high school in the late 1960s, and just 'getting into' photography and natural history in a serious way, one magazine stood out as The magazine, the one that offered the best photography, the best presentation, the pinnacle of the best work out there. It was Audubon magazine and it, above all the others I received in the mail or read in my high school or, later, college libraries, was the magazine I savoured. If you were an aspiring photographer, it was the one that, more than any other, you aspired to be published in. I still have many of my old copies, featuring portfolios by Fred Truslow and Ron Austing and M. Philip Kahl and other early photo heroes of mine. Sadly, Audubon eventually went through an editorial change and the focus changed to environmentalism and issues, and not on the celebration of nature's beauty. While those topics are important, to me, it wasn't what Audubon was all about and I let my subscription lapse.



A few years ago Steve Freligh, a former photo editor for Ranger Rick Nature Magazine, decided to follow his heart and produce a magazine that truly celebrated nature's beauty. His goal was to publish the best of nature photography and to do so with the best photographic reproductions available. Appropriately enough he called the magazine Nature's Best -- the best of nature and the best of nature photography. I truly believe he has accomplished his goals.

To me Nature's Best is the grand successor of Audubon's lost legacy It is a visual magazine, with many images reproduced full page, supplemented by lengthy captions. Text is kept to a minimum, with most pages dominated by photography, not words. Not that Nature's Best is a picture book only, because the articles are certainly enlightening, but it is for the images that one picks up the magazine, and lingers over every page.

Nature's Best is published quarterly. Subscription price is $20 per year, or $5.95 at the newstand. Get a subscription -- don't miss an issue.

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