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Our Favorite Links

There are a zillion great websites out there, but here's a list of some of our favorites. We've just begun adding to this list -- which will grow in the weeks ahead, so keep tuned....

Regional Camera Club worth joining! Potomac Valley Nature Photographers

Australian Landscape Panorama Gallery

Camouflaged-rubberized lens Covers to protect your telephoto lenses

 Nature Photographers
on-line magazine

 Lowepro Gear

  Wimberley Tripod Accessories 

Vested Interest Photo Vests

Really Right Stuff 

Remote Camera Trippers

 Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART

Ellen Anon - one of our Photoshop instructors and an assistant for Arthur Morris workshops 

 Rick Holt - one of our Photoshop instructors and co-author and co-teacher of our Digital Nature Photo Courses

Moose Peterson's
and David Cardinal's
Digital Pro 2
Image Management Software

 Lightning Trigger 

 Kinesis Lens Bags

The best photography of nature
displayed anywhere in print


 Visual Echoes
Panning Plate


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