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Our product reviews cover equipment and products that we actively use in the field. We like the features of the products we're mentioning, but if there are negative points, we'll point them out, as well as any solution to the problems we've encountered. For example, one problem we constantly face is having the perfect bag or pack for every trip. For us, we've found no perfect solution, probably because our work requires that we pack gear in so many different ways, for so many different trips, in so many different locations. That said, then, we may use a vest for one trip or habitat, a Kinesis lens backpack and belt system for another, or any of a number of Lowepro fannypacks or backpacks for our other trips. As you read the reviews, or the review of a product you had an interest in, you'll see how we've used different items for different occasions, and hopefully you'll be able to tailor your purchase based upon our findings.  
 Molar Bags   Visibledust
 Wimberley Tripod Head - a gimbal-style ballhead  Visual Echoes Panning Plate
 Really Right Stuff Plates and Accessories NEW!  Wimberley Modular Flash Brackets -NEW!
Lightning Trigger  Vested Interest Photo Vests
 Lowepro Photo Backpacks and Fanny Packs  Kinesis Lens Packs
 PhotoTrapper camera tripping device NEW!  Kodak VS Film


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